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Nordic ARM Conference 2020 Presentations

  1. The smart machine-automationofmachinesand moulds
    Matteo Cortesi, Persico
  2. Robot rotomoulding machine
    Johan Potargent, AMS Robomould
  3. Robot vs Carousel vs Rock & Roll
    Filip Claus, Plastigi
  4. Rotomoulded sculptures, a Nordic art cooperation
    Johan Ennerfeldt, Mekan Modell
  5. Quality Control and consistent production and products
    Martin Spencer, Unique Roto and Ronny Ervik, Ultrapolymers
  6. How to brand plastics with confidence
    Walter Bonazzi, PSI Brand
  7. Edelweiss from the Alps
    Oliver Wandres, Maus
  8. Recycling – operation clean sweep
    Jérémy Fouriau, Plastics Europe
  9. Recycling – NPR update Dag
    Eirik Thomassen, Cipax
  10. Rotational Moulding –Towards a Sustainable Future
    Mark P. Kearns, Queen’s University
  11. Recycling in Rotomoulding
    Tony Potts, Matrix Polymers
  12. Rotational moulding proces design and graphics/coatings application
    Konstantia Asteriadou, Lysis
  13. How to produce parts efficiently - from a proper use of release agent to efficient cleaning
    Eric Thilloy, Chem-Trend
  14. The Next Generation of Pulverizinghas Arrived!
    Farzan Ramezani, Orenda
  15. Do you need Total Control 24/7
    Gary Lategan, Roto Solutions
  16. Circular Economy
    Angelique Brocatus, LyondellBasell
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