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BPF seminar 2019 rev3-4 June 2019 | Link Hotel, Loughborough University, Ashby Rd, Loughborough LE11 4EX
The BPF Rotational Moulding Group seminar for 2019 will explore the design benefits of using rotational moulding. The event will examine the use of rotationally moulded products in different applications.
Featuring expert speakers such as Gareth McDowell and Martin Spencer, this two day event will look at the use of rotational moulding in the medical, marine and automotive environment. It will also look at designing for recyclability as well as new generational materials that you should be aware of.
Who should attend: This seminar is aimed at senior and middle managers from companies in the plastics industry who rotationally mould.
In order to see the Seminar program and other details, please click on the link:

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Resource: BPFOn the 24th April the BPF is hosting a one hour rotational moulding webinar on polypropylene’s uses in rotational moulding starring ARMO Alumni Ronny Ervik. 

Ronny will present the main differences between PP and PE. He will focus on processing, applications examples and material properties - highlighting the main advantages PP can offer.
Ultrapolymers have developed a PP grade called UP321PP, which offers significant advantages over other PP materials in the market. Ronny will explain the unique advantages of UP321PP. He will also give a short introduction into Ultrapolymers and its parent company Ravago.


Ronny Ervik, European Technical Development Manager, UltraPolymers

Ronny has a background as a chemical engineer. He has worked for the petrochemical company Borealis, the R&D company Norner and started up the rotational moulding department of OPD. In 2012, he joined Ultrapolymers as an European Technical Development Manager, with responsibility for sales in the Nordic countries and technical service and development in Europe. He has founded and been the president of Nordic ARM since 2007.

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fotelik Nordic ARMHervé Gagelin has always been passionate about nautism, and has been living close to the seaside forever. Gagelin has been closely following the evolution of paddle gears for years and observed that "paddlers do not stand up for a long time since they tend to get tired easily". He thus designed an ergonomic seat that can be installed on any paddle or kayak. The first prototype, made 6 years ago, incorporated glass fiber reinforced materials. The new one is rotomolded.


The European Commission has proposed a tax covering every tonne of non-recycled plastic produced in the EU, Daniel Calleja Crespo, its director general for environment, said on Thursday.  Speaking during a panel discussion at the IdentiPlast conference in London, Calleja Crespo said the proposed tax would be levied at country level rather than on an industry basis.
The proposal is for a cost of €0.80/kg of non-recycled plastic produced.  No time frame was given for when the tax would take effect. The measure has not yet been agreed by the EU member states and remains under negotiation.

A container geolocation system should be able to continuously track a product, whether it's located inside a building or outside, and to send back information in real time. This is the goal behing the GOINg project conducted by Rotogal, a Spanish rotomolding company, and Applied Geotechnology Group of Vigo University.