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Resource: BPFOn the 24th April the BPF is hosting a one hour rotational moulding webinar on polypropylene’s uses in rotational moulding starring ARMO Alumni Ronny Ervik. 

Ronny will present the main differences between PP and PE. He will focus on processing, applications examples and material properties - highlighting the main advantages PP can offer.
Ultrapolymers have developed a PP grade called UP321PP, which offers significant advantages over other PP materials in the market. Ronny will explain the unique advantages of UP321PP. He will also give a short introduction into Ultrapolymers and its parent company Ravago.


Ronny Ervik, European Technical Development Manager, UltraPolymers

Ronny has a background as a chemical engineer. He has worked for the petrochemical company Borealis, the R&D company Norner and started up the rotational moulding department of OPD. In 2012, he joined Ultrapolymers as an European Technical Development Manager, with responsibility for sales in the Nordic countries and technical service and development in Europe. He has founded and been the president of Nordic ARM since 2007.

Resource: PBF


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