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Rotational moulding is an extremely important industrial process used in the manufacture of large and small, hollow plastic products. QUB has been at the forefront of major technological advances in the process for more than 30 years. Innovations in process monitoring (Rotolog™), process simulation (Rotosim™) systems and process optimisation (Rotocooler™) have had significant impacts on the process globally. One of the latest innovations currently on trial at QUB is the use of internal mould water spray cooling device (Rotocooler™). The Rotocooler device has the potential to significantly reduce manufacturing times and energy waste by accelerating the cooling phase of the process through the innovative use of water mist. This represents a fundamental step change in the capabilities of the rotational moulding process significantly reducing manufacturing cycletimes and energy usage and it is the catalyst for this project.  The vision is to create an entirely autonomous rotational moulding process cooling system where the cooling phase (50-70%) is directed and controlled through an intelligent system that uses a combination of signals from in-process sensors and predictions from simulation. The core research work will be the integration of the data derived from real-time process measurement and simulation, and it is fully interdisciplinary as it demands the expertise of mechanical engineers in rotational moulding, simulation and process monitoring, and electrical engineers in signals processing, data analytics and process control.

The project will require a dynamic individual, with strong leadership potential and organisational skills to fully exploit this opportunity by drawing together the work of an existing team of interdisciplinary researchers with the international industrial consortium that is developing the advanced moulding system. To get to know more about this project, plese click on the link below:[]

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