The 10th Nordic ARM Conference was held on the 6th and 7th of February 2018, Gardermoen near Oslo, Norway. There were more than 115 registered participants with a predominance of molders over suppliers.
It was a very special edition of Conference due to the 10th Nordic ARM Board Anniversary and also a very interesting program, a nice trip to Cipax Norway,  a gala dinner with famous Nordic ARM quiz and a  record number of partakers.  As confirmed by many participants, it was really great and successful event. Please take a look on the photo gallery below. 



 The Nordic ARM  Board thanks all the Participants and Sponsors who supported the event and helped to make it a great success.

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DECEMBER Rotomoulder

In the  issue no 7 of Rotomoulder Magazine there is an interesting combination of technical and design articles for you to read. Gareth McDowall gives us a great technical article (and video) on the difference between temperature monitoring & process control and we profile the Uggioso Vase!

Plick click on the link below to download it:



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Nordic ARM Academy
is an opportunity for Nordic ARM members to train their operators and supervisors in Rotational Moulding. Nordic ARM Academy will be arranged in Borås, Sweden, on the 14th and 15th of February,  2017.
The event will take place  in the Quality Hotel Grand Borås which is located approx. 45 km from the Landvetter Airport (Gothenburg), which has direct flights to most European cities.


We have pre-booked 30 hotel rooms. The pre-booking is valid until 31st of December, so be sure to book your room(s) well in advance of the conference. Please book your room(s) at: or call +46 33 799 00 00,

Use the booking code: Nordic ARM

Prices pr room is:        1350 SEK / person / single rooms

The registration fee is:

€0,- for Nordic ARM members

€100,- for ARMO members

€500,- for non-members

The payment includes lunch both days (without drinks)


The registration is open at Please register before 15th of January 2017.

If you have any questions, please send an email to


Day 1

09:45 Welcome                                                      Ronny Ervik, Nordic ARM

10:00 Mould Handling and Maintenance        Oliver Wandres, MAUS

12:00 Lunch

12:45 Proper use of release agent                       Scott Waterman, AXEL Plastics

15:00 Quality control and parts inspection      Martin Spencer, UniqueRoto
Ronny Ervik, Ultrapolymers


08:00 Effects of pigmentation                            Ronny Ervik, Ultrapolymers

10:00 Setting your machine correctly               Martin Spencer, UniqueRoto

12:00 Lunch

12:45  The Novel use of Powder                         Jagdish Patel, Matrix Polymers
Properties in Problem Solving

15:00 Questions and Answers

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In the  issue no 6 of Rotomoulder Magazine there is an interesting combination of technical and design articles for you to enjoy. Plick click on the link below:


 PartnerPlast manufacturing site will be opened in February 2017


Issue 5 of Rotomoulder Magazine with great technical articles about the process, a design article showcasing the best rotational moulding can offer and an update from each of ARMO affiliates about what is happening in their area of the world, is now available!


A new, exciting  Rotomoulder magazine has arrived. Please click on the picture below to download  If you go to page no 7 of this magazine, you will find the 9th Nordic ARM Conference report there.

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Enjoy it!


If you go to page no 18 of this magazine, you will find the 9th Nordic ARM Conference report there.

Your Rotomoulding Nordic ARM adventure in Sweden 2016! IX Annual Nordic ARM Conference was held in Boras, Sweden, on the 9th and 10th of February 2016.Boras The Conference included:

  • The Nordic ARM Design
  • The Nordic ARM Best Practise
  • Top international speakers
  • Visit to Uponor Infrastruktur in Fristad
  • The Nordic ARM Run
  • The Nordic ARM QuizAnd a lot more !

Click here to see rev Nordic ARM Conference 2016 – program




IMG_4082IMG_4028IMG_4008audiencerrrNordic ARM Conference 2016 rev

To see more conference photos please click here.

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Nordic ARM 2016 Student Design Competition. The Nordic ARM is launching a student design competition that is open to all design students in the Nordic countries, with financial prizes for each winner. Please click a link below  to get to know more: Nordic ARM 2016 Student Design Competition

Sponsors of the Nordic ARM Design Competition with the winner.

Sponsors of the Nordic ARM Design Competition 2015 with the winner.


Issue 2 of Rotomoulder Magazine is now available on the ARMO Website. Please click on the picture below. xSeptember_2015_English_Cover_PNG_pagespeed_ic_otoTWEB763 This was the conference edition and is available in French, Italian, Spanish and German as well an English. It contains 2 great technical articles, One on Different Machines working the same way and the other on Estimating Thickness for Round Tanks. There is also a design article profile on the Thonet 808 Chair and you will find much more interesting materials. Enjoy it!

ARMO GlobalARMO 2015 will be the premium international Rotational Moulding event in 2015, bringing together the entire industry in one venue to network, exchange ideas and to listen to insightful and important presentations. With trade exhibitions, social activities and a full seminar programme, ARMO 2015 is your chance to develop your skills, learn new ideas and develop your network. Click below to see the Conference program. SATURDAY 12TH SEPTEMBER ’15 – TUESDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER ’15 We look forward to meeting you in Nottingham!

Nordic - Kopia

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The Nordic ARM  Board thanks all the Participants and Sponsors who supported the event and helped to make it a great success. The next Nordic ARM Conference  is planned to be in Sweden.We already look forward to meeting you there!


The Conference Program 2015.

Day 1 09.00 – 09.15: Welcome / Nordic ARM news Ronny Ervik, Nordic ARM 09.15 – 09.35: The trends in the world of plastics Rasmus Grusgaard, The Danish Plastics Federation 09.35 – 09.55: Innovation in rotomoulding machines Michael Trebing, Ingenieurbüro Trebing 09.55 – 10.15: 3D printing, a threat or support for rotomoulding? Thomas Tønnesen, Protech Danmark 10.15 – 10.35: Coffee / Table top Sponsored by A. Schulman 10.35 – 10.50: Innovative Materials Les Druyf, A. Schulman 10.50 – 11.00: ARMO 2015 Nottingham Martin Spencer, BPF 11.00 – 11.10: Introduction of the Nordic ARM Design competition Tom Samuelsen, Nordic ARM 11.10 – 11.30: Presentation of the Nordic ARM Design Nominees Design Students 11:30 – 12.00: Table Top Exhibition 12.00 – 13.00: Lunch  Sponsored by RotoSolutions, Total and Boca Srl. 13.00: Departure to Nordisk Wavin A/S  Sponsored by Wavin, Ingenia and Persico 20.00: Dinner at Scandic Hotel Silkeborg Sponsored by RotoMachinery, NET and Matrix Polymers 21.30: Nordic ARM Quiz Sponsored by Maus and Poliplast Day 2 07.30 – 08.30: The Nordic ARM run (Morning training, bring training outfit) Walter Bonazzi, Polivinil RotoMachinery 09.00 – 09.20: Quality Control at Floteks Celal Beysel, Floteks 09.20 – 09.40: The black art of release agent Gert Nielsen, ChemTrend 09.40 – 10.00: Inserts in RotoMoulding Martin Spencer, Rototek 10.00 – 10.20: New improved machinery for rotomoulding Harry Covington, Ferry 10.20 – 10.40: Coffee / Table top Sponsored by Resinex 10.40 – 11.00: RFID, a benefit for your company  Henrik Granau, RFID Danmark 11.00 – 12.00: Workshops 12.00 – 13.00: Lunch Sponsored by UltraPolymers and Dansk Rotations Plastic 13.00 – 13.40: Workshops presentations, incl Q&A Ronny Ervik, Nordic ARM 13.40 – 14.00: Speakers Corner RotoSolutions, Persico, Matrix, Maus, Polivinil RotoMachinery 14.00 – 15.00: Table Top Exhibition 15.00 – 15.20: The Nordic ARM recycling loop Gitte Buk Larsen, Aage Vestergaard Larsen 15.20 – 15.40: Design in Rotational Moulding Greg Joy, Greg Joy Design 15.40 – 16.00: The Nordic ARM datasheet Ronny Ervik, Nordic ARM Workshops. The Nordic ARM wants to introduce a “Nordic ARM best practice” workshop. The participants will be divided into smaller groups of 5 – 7 people, to discuss one topic. The result of these discussions will be presented at the conference and will be shared to the Nordic ARM members, as the Nordic ARM best practice. This will ensure that the Nordic ARM members will be confident that their methods for processing are among the best in the industry. The topics that will be discussed during this conference are: Venting: In rotational moulding the vent is very important to get a good product. There are many different methods in use, from using steel wool, silicon pipes, snorkels, to cigarette filters etc. There might be different solutions that will be better than others in some products, depending on geometry, size wall thickness, oven time, oven temperature, etc. But is it always  that one type of venting is better than the others? Is it possible to rank the type of vents? Mould Maintenance: Unfortunately , the moulds are often not very well treated, although they are the basis of the products the rotomoulders sell. So a good mould equals good products. Many moulds have poor split lines, after a short  of use. Many products have also poor aesthetics caused by improper application of the mould, or or improper removal from the mould. The questions are how can we ensure the long life time of the split lines and what is the best method for removing the release agent? Silo: Some Rotational Moulders are considering investing in silo(s) for their production. This investment and operation is often too complex and may lead to the moulders drop the investment. Typical questions are powder or granules silo? What about humidity and condensation inside the silo ? Should I choose air or vacuum to move the material? How can I design the pipelines to avoid too many bends?   ***************************************************************************************************************************** Nordic ARM 2015 Student Design Competition The Nordic ARM is launching a student design competition that is open to all design students in the Nordic countries, with financial prizes for each winner. Please click here to get to know more and see below a letter of the Nordic ARM Chairman directed to Course Leaders.  Dear Course Leaders, Nordic Arm is an association for all Nordic rotational moulders and its suppliers. See At our annual conference next year, we would like to challenge all students that study design / industrial design in the Nordic countries to design products that can be rotational moulded. There are no limitations / restrictions with regards to any applications or categories. We would like your students to use their creativity and present products that are innovative and different.  The three best products will be elected by a jury and these will be presented during our conference the 20th and 21st of January 2015 in Silkeborg, Denmark. If you would like to know more about rotational moulding, we are happy to come and give you a presentation of this technique.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Best regards, Ronny Ervik, Nordic ARM Chairman   ************************************************************************************************************************* ROTOPLAS 2014 is coming! Take  a look on  ROTOPLAS 2014 – Rotoplas International Promotion – the Largest International Rotomoulding Exposition. All Members of Nordic ARM are given the same promotional rate as ARM Members. Moreover ROTOPOLAS program includes a tour of two rotomoulding plants scheduled exclusively for attendees from outside North America. To register, and for more information, please visit



The June ARMO Magazine has just arrived. Click on the picture to download it and enjoy  the newsletter!




The March ARMO Magazine has just arrived.

Click on the picture to download it and enjoy  the newsletter! ************************************************************************************************************************** Jonathan Wurr Managing Director  at Francis Ward recently travelled to Finland to join other rotomoulders at the 7th Annual Nordic ARM Meeting. Here Jonathan provides an overview of what was discussed and not only…

Day One at theNordic ARM Meeting in Tampere, Finland

It is great to be back in the Nordic countries again. This is my third Nordic ARM meeting and the two previous ones have been fabulous. Each year gets bigger and better and this year there were a record number of participants, over 90 people. This is good work by Ronny Ervik and the rest of the Nordic ARM committee. Unfortunately work commitments meant that I did not arrive until lunchtime on Day One so I missed some great looking presentations in the morning. However the afternoon presentations provided a lot useful information. The first presentation was from Rune Fink of the Norwegian test house, NET. This was useful for Francis Ward as we undertake a lot of UN performance testing for hazardous chemical containers. It was good to hear that rotomouldedgrades of poyethylene can now be tested for chemical compatibility using accelerated tests in the same way that blowmoulding grades have been for several years. A conversation with Rune at the coffee break gave me more useful information about reinstating old cancelled UN certificates and he also told me that NET are capable of doing UN IBC vibration tests on 2,500 litre containers, if required. I also enjoyed the presentation by Gregoire Herou of ICO who talked about the temperature and other perfomance specifications of rotomouldable materials such as polyamides and PVDF. PVDF can take continuous temperatures of of 140 degrees C which maybe useful for us in a new applicaion. He also outlined the method for rotomoulding liquid PA6 in which the polymerisation actually takes place in the mould. It is nice to thinkthat we potentially have a small chemical reactor on our plant, (but don’t tell our insurers.) My old singing partner Bill Spenceley was at the meeting to promote ARM 2014 in Chicago and he dressed up (yet again) in a Chicago Cubs outfit. I seem to rarely see Billwhen he is NOT in some outfit or other. I am worried that I may be required to dress in Lincoln Green tights as Robin9 Hood to promote Nottingham 2015. In the evening we were bussed to a beautiful restaurant location at the other side of Tampere.  Our meal included a main course of reindeer steak (but dont tell the kids about Rudolph!!).  The meal was followed by Ronny Ervik’s famous quiz competition and despite having a Canadian and  Finn on our team for specialist questions, we were just beaten by defending champions Partnerplast who took the bottle of champagne again! There followed some significant networking in the bar till the small hours and one small, dedicated but hungry band of rotomoulders finding a kebab shop at 3am!

Day Two of the Nordic ARM Meeting in Tampere, Finland.

Day Two was just a half day with people heading back home after lunch but there was still time for some interesting presentations. Partnerplast presented on a defence project that they have been working on, but it is highly secretive so not much information could be shared. Gareth McDowell of 493K presented a Star Trek-themed presentation on cooling. His theme was to continue to highlight how short of temperaure control, particularly cooling, most moulders are. Significant density shifts in the finished parts can be measured when cooling rates vary, particularly with external weather conditions. There was a machine-maker theme to the morning session with Caccia and Polivinil going head-to-head either side of the coffee break. Whilst the current advances in machines are incremental rather than revolutionary, I continue to be impressed by manufacturer’s tweaks and improvements to their machines and software. Walter Bonazzi also presented on behalf of PSI Brand of New Zealand. They have made some signinfcant new advances in permanent adhesion products such as a moulded in conductive strip for measuring liquid volumes in tanks.  They have also developed a passive RFID tag that can be permanently moulded into a part in the same way as permanent graphics. The electronics apparently survive the heat of the oven. I will be following this up with Walter. Mark McCourt from Queens University Belfast presented in the latest work from their research labs.  The induction-heated mould project was the main focus and this has now been completed. Anyone who has any ideas for research that could attract the next batch of EU funding grants, called Horizon 2020, should contact Mark. I have been impressed by  the advances made by the Nordic ARM group. They welcomed some new members and some new exhibitors to this conference, EEC from Egypt being a notable new name.  One of the great things is that many moulders send several people to these meetings. There were seven representatives from CIPAX, eight from Finncont, and eight from Nordisk Wavin for example. The UK organisation under the BPF has grown in recent months, but we should aspire to some of the advances of the Nordic Association. I am already looking forward to Denmark next year.  Jonathan Wurr Managing Director at Francis Ward ************************************************************************************ The 7th Nordic ARM event will happen soon! The conference will be held at the Sokos Hotel Villa in Tampere, Finland on the 5th and 6th of February 2014. The Conference will include a visit to the moulder Molok Ltd. Everybody interested in sending presentations  under the topic: “What can you do to improve Rotational Moulding”, please write to More info you will find in the attached documents below: 7th annual Nordic ARM Conference (2) Registrations2014rev The event menu: Mika Hävölä’s cold smoked salmon horseradish and roach Roasted reindeer Jerusalem artichoke salad and thyme sauce Wild berry mousse berries and lichen For booking a hotel room, pleaseuse the code: Nordic Association of Rotational Mulder Please book your hotel room(s) at: or tel. +358 20 1234 633 We look forward to seeing you in Finland! ***************************************************************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************************************************************** ARMO NEWS Goa special edition is available! In the current newsletter you will find  a lot of useful information and news about rotational moulding industry. Please click here to download it. Take a careful look on page 15  including some interesting content from Ronny Ervik. Enjoy the newsletter! *********************************************************************************************************************** Nordic ARM goes for standardization. Nordic ARM looked at the different datasheets in the market and came up with a set up test requirements that should make it easier for the moulders to select the right material for their application. Suppliers are encouraged to perform tests according to this set of standards and get their material listed on the Nordic ARM website (please see below). Suppliers that perform the test according to the standards are also allowed to have the Nordic ARM logo on their datasheets. Material specifications Nordic ARM Nordic ARM Datasheet For more information, please contact Ronny Ervik at ********************************************************************************************************************** The August ARMO Magazine has arrived. Click on the picture to download it and enjoy  the newsletter!             ARMA is proud to present ROTOTOUR 2013 and to be able to offer this unique opportunity to rotational moulders from around the world. Following the huge success of the USA, China and European Plant Tours, ARMA has negotiated with 8 rotational moulding factories and one machinery supplier to allow  a group of delegates to tour their plants in India. The tour also includes a full registration to attend the ARMO 2013 Conference in Goa. For more information please contact Michelle Lorenzo of ARMA (           The June ARMO Magazine has arrived. Check there the latest information about solar rotational moulding, rotomoulding in China, ARMO 2013 in Goa, the Indian Rototour organized by ARMA and many other attractions.                                         Enjoy it! ****************************************************************************************************************** Find below the latest information about the upcoming ARMO 2013 in Goa!             Click here to download. ******************************************************************************************************************* Spring has finally come  ….                                             ********************************************************************************************************************** HAPPY EASTER!     ********************************************************************************************************************* The March Newsletter has arrived! Please click here to download and enjoy it! ********************************************************************************************************************* 2013 Nordic ARM Meeting, Andalsnes, Norway, 4th-5th February. 14.02.2013 Francis Ward managing director Jonathan Wurr last week travelled to Norway to join other rotomoulders from around the world at the 2013 Nordic ARM Meeting. Here Jonathan provides an overview of what was discussed. “Day One was opened by Ronny Ervik, the Nordic ARM Chairman, who welcomed everyone to the beautiful town of Andalsnes in the fjord-area of Rauma. One of the highlights of the first day was a presentation from Aldo Quarantino of Matrix Polymers, who presented on the much-maligned range of materials called fluoropolymers. These are often avoided by rotomoulders due to the difficulties in processing, and the fact that grades such as PVDF and PTFE are often a multiple of ten times the price of more traditional PE. Making a scrap part comes at a high price for sure! However, rotomoulders should consider fluoropolymers as they have exceptional resistance to heat and chemical attack. Mark Kearns of Queen’s University Belfast presented on their work on internal water cooling, and this was further expanded on by Oliver Wandres of Maus GmbH on Day Two. Maus is one of the companies looking to develop practical equipment to deliver a water mist inside a cooling part. The latent heat of vaporisation of a surprisingly small amount of water (around one litre) not only reduces the cycle times and saves money, but due to more even cooling, produces a part with improved mechanical properties and significantly less warpage of surfaces. (Click here to see our recent article that includes this technology.) This is technology that Francis Ward will be looking to implement in the next 12 months. The main event on Day One was a trip to Partnerplast, based in the same town.  With the most spectacular view from their canteen window (over the fjord surrounded by mountains) they are a major employer in the town.  They mainly manufacture flotation devices for the oil and gas industry, including floating sonar buoys and other prospecting equipment. These are similar to products made by Francis Ward in the UK for our customer Trelleborg. On Day Two, CIPAX took the delegates through a process of developing a revolutionary new aquaplaning rotomoulded boat, and Matteo Cortesi of Italian mould-maker Persico described the latest in aluminium mould manufacture, including showing a picture of a 2-metre rabbit mould. Yes, for making a 2-metre high plastic rabbit! There was much talk of polypropylene in rotomoulding at the conference with Ronny Ervik and Bob Woods of Ultrapolymers launching new grades of natural and black PP.  The problem with PP is often that it is too brittle for many rotomoulding applications. Ultrapolymers have formulated a grade of material that has a much higher flexibility after processing, opening up new applications for the material. At a 50% to 100% premium on PE, it is unlikely to be a direct replacement for PE, but for applications needing a higher stiffness and higher operating temperatures (up to 100 degrees C) then it will be a valuable addition to the market. Francis Ward will be looking for applications for this new material. And finally….Gary Lategan of Roto Solutions presented a politically incorrect presentation, but was forgiven, as his subject was ‘Sex in Rotomoulding’!” Date: 14.02.2013 Source: *********************************************************************************************************************** The 6th Nordic ARM Conference is now over and from the feedback already received from moulders and suppliers that attended, it was a huge and “cool” success.    Find a full report on this event documented by photos in our March ARMO News magazine and also on the Nordic ARM website! Coming soon!

Thank you for your attendance and for those who did not come we expect to see them next year in Finnland!

************************************************************************************************************************* New ARMO News 16 has arrived. This edition will feature: • “What data sheets tell you – and what they don’t”. Material density By Dr Nick Henwood, Rotomotive Limited • “A Status Report on the North American Rotomolding Business” by Dr. Peter J. Mooney, Plastics Custom Research Services • Different reports on the 2012 world rotomoulding events • Photo gallery of the biggest ARMO event that took place in Lyon in October. • Presentation of a new ARMO partner – ANIPAC from Mexico • Presentation of forthcoming Rotomoulding conferences and other riveting topics Click here to download the newsletter.

Enjoy! ************************************************************************************************************************ The photo gallery of ARMO 2012                                                             More photos of this event you will find soon in the December ARMO News magazine. ************************************************************************************************************* Reduce Rotomoulding’s Energy Consumption. Compare your energy use with other rotomoulders. Complete this quick, anonymous benchmarking survey – see how your company compares with other rotomoulders. Thank you and we look forward to receiving your responses!


Regular readers of  the ARMO News magazine  will be aware that Dr Nick Henwood is a frequent contributor of technical articles.

Nick has many years of experience in rotomoulding, working for a number of companies, including well-known material supplier Matrix Polymers, which he founded in 1992 and part-owned until 2006.  Since then he has been involved mainly in consultancy, training and research activities, through his company Rotomotive Limited, based in UK.

The idea is that Nick will host a regular Question and Answer column in the Newsletter, commenting on problems and challenges sent in by readers.  Questions can be submitted on a totally confidential basis, if required.  The main idea is to promote discussion and help our industry grow through sharing knowledge.

Please submit questions, problems and discussion points to Nick, via the ARMO office at



      Please find below the gallery of rotomoulded products for leisure, recreation and tourism.                                               Have a great and relaxing holiday! ******************************************************************************************************************** Expanding to Europe Through the Nordic Market.                Most companies when thinking about expanding into Europe are lured by the big countries – UK, France, Germany or want to invest in the Central and Eastern European countries . A far better decision is to enter the Nordic market first as they are much more open to new ideas. Chances are, if you’ve been thinking about expanding into Europe, you have France, Britain and/or Germany on the brain. Lucrative markets, to be sure, but notoriously tough to crack. Smart marketers, however, are discovering the less-stressful Nordic route to the European Union. The 24 million consumers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland are quicker to accept new products than are their western European counterparts. In a study of 137 products, new product “time-to-take-off” is shorter by roughly 50% in Nordic countries, with Danes emerging as the fastest adopters, writes Seena Sharp from Sharp Market Intelligence  . Success in the Nordic countries can help you expand to other markets throughout Europe. The Nordic ARM President Ronny Ervic said: “Many nordic moulders have used the down turn in the market to restructure their portfolio and adapted / developed lean manufacturing. At the moment some rotomoulders have 20 – 30% free capacity, so now is the time to contact the Nordic rotomoulders for producing the products of tomorrow.” ARMO News 14/2012 ***************************************************************************************************************** The new issue of ARMO News magazine has arrived! Click on the picture to download.

ARMO News 14 features:  

  1. Information vs. Knowledge by Dr. Paul Nugent
  3. Bio-polymers – an opportunity for rotomoulders by Aldo Quaratino/Matrix Polymers,
  4. Matrix Polymers Seminar in Germany – a day to look back on! Event report by Anna Walorek,
  5. BPF Rotational Moulders Annual Seminar in London,
  6. “Expanding to Europe Through the Nordic Market” and some interesting facts about Nordic ARM  ,
  7. ARM News prepared by Adam Webb,
  8. AISR seminar: “Rotomoulding breaks free: technology to wave goodbye to the price war”,
  9. Interview with Bill Spenceley and Ravi Mahra prepared by Joanna Bobin ,
  10. StAR News by S.B. Zaman,
  11. Rotomould 2012 Report ,
  12. AFR News.

Enjoy! *********************************************************************************************************************** The International Children’s Day 2012. Please find below the gallery of rotomoulded products for kids and be inspired.   ************************************************************************************************************** 

This  autumn,  all  roads  lead  to  Lyon!

Make sure you find the way to join the world convention for rotational molders! ARMO2012 offers a unique opportunity to discover, discuss, mingle, promote, taste… and a lot more. The latest news and documents from AFR on ARMO 2012. Please click here to download:  

 The Training Seminar Registration Fee has been reduced from 400 Euros to 250 Euros. Savings!! 150 Euros!!!  DRAFT AGENDA Please click here to download: PROGRAMME ARMO GB SA **************************************************************************************************************** New  Pioner 14 Active Boat. Last year the Persico Rotomoulding and Marine Divisions collaborated on designing the final product, as well as manufacturing the production equipment (rotational moulds) for the new Pioner 14 Active craft made by Cipax, a boat maker with sites in Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Finland. The craft was launched at the Tanumstrand trade show held in Sweden last year and was well received by the public. Thus the challenging timetable and marketing goals set by Cipax were fully met. Pleased by the great result on the Pioner 14 Active project, Persico and Cipax are now beginning the development of a new large boat suitable for a wide range of end users and applications. We look forward to seeing the result of the next project! ***************************************************************************************************** ARMO News 13 The March edition offers a lot of useful information and updates on issues of interest to the rotomoulding community. ARMO News 13 features: • The Future of North American Rotomolding by Dr. Peter J. Mooney, Plastics Custom Research Services • Proust  Armchair by Magis/Persico • Innovative Total Concept Car by Eric Maziers, Total Petrochemicals, Feluy, Belgium and Mark Kearns PPRC, Queens University, Belfast • Interview with Olivier Perrier,  head of organizing committee for Lyon 2012 ARMO Convention • Reports on the January and February rotomoulding events • Presentation of forthcoming Rotomoulding conferences and other riveting topics. To download the newsletter, please click here. ARMO News 13 Enjoy! ************************************************************************************************************ Ronny Ervik Nordic ARM President celebrated his Anniversary. Dear Ronny, If rotomoulding can be compared with a cooking process, then please find below a freshly “rotomoulded” cake. Happy Birthday Ronny!